Worship is an important aspect of church life. God has spoken to us about being a woshipping church. Our worship is relaxed and informal but definitely Jesus centred. We use a wide variety of songs, including some traditional hymns and classic choruses, as well as contemporary songs by worship leaders like Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick, Chris Tomlin, Robin Mark, Tim Hughes, Godfrey Birtill and Chris Orange, as well as some of our own. Most of the songs are addressed to God, rather than being about Him. Worship is about expressing our love to God and meeting with Him in that act of intimacy.

There are a number of very good songwriters in the worship team, and we use several homegrown songs in our worship.

There are a number of very good video interviews on worship available at Chris Orange's website, including some by Roger Forster and Wes Sutton, as well as some by Chris himself. Chris's website comes highly recommended as a resource for worship leaders.