About Us

GateWay Church, Leyton, is a new and growing church that meets in a local school. We have lively and informal worship, and a relevant message.

We have a warm and welcoming atmosphere flowing out of our belief in the whole church as a family, caring for one another, and living and working together. It is God's desire for the church to be a family of all kinds of people, so that through our unity we show His glory. We meet in homegroups each week and these are the primary centres of fellowship and pastoral care.

We have worked together with other Leyton churches in supporting a number of community projects including a night shelter for the homeless, Youth for Christ, and a mentoring project for disaffected youngsters. We have run family Fun Days in the local park, and open air Christmas and Easter services. We regularly share the good news of Jesus' love with the local community in deed and word.

We are seeking to know God more deeply and to draw closer to Him in intimacy. As a church with charismatic roots we believe in the miraculous and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and would like to see these aspects of church life on a more frequent basis. However, we seek the Giver not the gift. As we draw closer to the Lord and experience His Presence we know the rest will follow, but it is Him we want to know more deeply.

GateWay Church is currently lead by Amarh & Ruth, who have been part of the Gateway leadership since it started. They are ably supported by a number of others in the church and by the church trustees. Amarh works as a probation officer for the National Probation Service in London. Ruth works as an advanced nurse practitioner in a local GP practice. They have three grown up daughters.

Ian is our church treasurer and one of the trustees. He actively supports the leaders in administrative work and practical care. Before taking early retirement Ian worked for the BBC.